volunteer in tanzania for Mwereni Integrated School for the Blind


Expand your horizons. Expand your heart.

Travel not only to see and do, but also to feel and belong. This is the essence of meaningful travel, we call it Voluntourism. Our trips offer you the opportunity to combine exotic travel experiences with unforgettable volunteering options.

If you want to be embraced by indescribably wonderful people, see smiles that will stay with your for a lifetime, engage in activities that create genuine camaraderie, and play your part in making someone else’s life better, this is the adventure for you.

We work with local orphanages and communities in many of the countries we visit, providing children and adults who have life challenges with basic necessities, equipment and medical care.


Summit Happy Home

Arusha, Tanzania

Although Arusha is one of the most developed cities in Tanzania, it continues to struggle with crippling levels of poverty and meager living conditions. Children are disproportionately affected, that’s why we partnered with Summit Happy Home to provide displaced and orphaned children with better opportunities.

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St. Joseph’s Hospital

Moshi, Tanzania

St. Joseph’s Hospital is quite literally a life-saver and a key institution in Moshi, Tanzania. They are wonderful and highly trusted partners of ours. If you’re interested in volunteering, we have opportunities for every level of medical expertise and interest at this this fully developed hospital.

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Local Volunteering

Cusco, Peru

We offer many opportunities to volunteer in the local villages. Your heartwarming adventure will include distributing much needed equipment, medicine and clothing to local schools and children. You will also experience the interaction with local children in their natural surroundings.

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High-Altitude Mountain Welfare Workers Association

Kathmandu, Nepal

For the past 6 years, we’ve partnered with the (HAMWWA), who have set up a project to cover the costs of education for children who’ve lost a parent in a climbing accident. We have also helped incorporate additional programs throughout the Khumbu Valley to benefit the children with their education.

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