Paying kindness forward.

Peru is a family-friendly destination where the locals give wholeheartedly to their visitors. In return, this is where K2 Adventures loves paying it forward with kindness and hospitality.

While traveling with us, we offer many opportunities to volunteer in the local villages. Your heartwarming adventure will include distributing much needed equipment, medicine and clothing to local schools and children. You will also experience the interaction with local children in their natural surroundings.

We have been traveling to Peru for over a decade and know all the local contacts personally. We consider them to be part of our K2 Adventures family. Therefore, you will be in the best of hands, and with the biggest of hearts.

If you are looking for an adventure to embrace the kindest people in the world and partake in activities that organically create camaraderie and profound human connections, volunteering in Peru is an option for you.

machu picchu hiking tour in Peru


$3,995 or $4,995*

(Minimum $1,000 non-refundable deposit)

Spend 4 days doing heartwarming community service, tour the historic city of Cusco and the nearby Sacred Valley, as well as explore the mysterious ruins of Machu Picchu.

*Your choice of 4 star or 5 star accommodations in Aguas Calientes.