grand canyon in Arizona


Be one of the few to traverse one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Most visitors are content to stay at the top, snap a few well-timed pictures, and check out the gifts at the visitor center. For the trekkers-at-heart though, the Grand Canyon presents a hiking challenge unlike any other in the world.

grand canyon hike


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The ultimate experience hiking one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. See the Grand Canyon like never before.


Your K2 Adventure Begins at the North Rim.

magnificent view of the grand canyon arizona

It may look like a tourist trap from the parking lot, but there are no easy routes to the bottom of the Grand Canyon!

At 1-mile deep and 277-river miles long, ‘grand’ doesn’t really begin to describe the sheer size and depth of this chasm. The site is overwhelming and often confuses the senses. It’s difficult not to stand near its edge without feeling a little nerve-wracking excitement.

Sunset at the North Rim

grand canyon tour on sunset

The North Rim is the perfect opportunity to take in one of the most spectacular and distinctive sunsets on the planet. 

As the sun goes down over the Arizona desert, it cascades and bounces off the many colorful layers of the canyon, veiling them in shadow one by one. The visual textures are mesmerizing and the bright orange sky in the background is the perfect backdrop to your evening.

Journey from Rim-to-Rim

A classic rim-to-rim trek starts by descending the north rim, where you’ll find well-marked, but winding and nail-biting trails that move through a myriad of landscapes and temperatures.

You’ll see everything from shady pine forests to high deserts with agave and cacti. Waterfalls and roaring springs await around many of the turns. The temperature difference from the top to the bottom can be as much as 30F. In the summer, the bottom of the canyon can reach up to 100F while temps at the top may be in the mid-80’s, so be prepared to shed some layers on your way down.

The Mighty Colorado River

A highlight of the hike is crossing the mighty Colorado River; without it, this trip wouldn’t exist.

Over the course of millions of years, with the aid of weather and other events, the Colorado River slowly and steadily carved its route through the Arizona desert. The result? North America’s claim to fame on the Seven Natural Wonders of the World list.

A suspension bridge makes crossing a breeze, but take a moment to bask in the size and power of the river flowing underneath. As the river rushes by, you’ll truly appreciate exactly how the canyon is possible.

Arriving at the South Rim

As you approach the South Rim, muscles sore and feet aching, you’ll get a sense that your journey is nearing its end when you run into visitors with sandals, as well as a mule train or two.

Be sure to pause now and then and look behind you so you don’t miss the impressive views on your way out of the canyon. The ever-changing landscape is like nothing you’ve ever seen or will see again. The Grand Canyon is truly a wonder and it’s a trek you won’t soon forget. K2 Adventure Travel will donate all profits from this trip to benefit the Fit & Well program at K2 Adventures Foundation and the individuals they serve.