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Travel like no other.

At K2 Adventure Travel, we create experiences that help people find the greater version of themselves. Travel with us and you will immerse yourself in some of the most incredible places and cultures in the world.

We work with local orphanages and communities to provide children and adults who have life challenges with basic necessities, equipment and medical care. A K2 Adventure means you’ll be embraced by indescribably wonderful people, see smiles that will stay with you for a lifetime, and engage in activities that create genuine camaraderie.

Regardless of what part of the world we visit, we believe in traveling with meaning, where you not only get to see and do, but also to feel and belong.

Changing lives one adventure at a time.

More than experiencing the natural wonders of the world, K2 Adventure Travel gives you unique opportunities to do a world of good for needy children. All of our international expeditions incorporate time spent doing community service in the local communities, orphanages and schools. A view of Mt. Everest will amaze your eyes, but getting a hug from a smiling child you just helped will warm your heart and lift your soul in ways you will never forget.

Spectacular. Significant. And above all, safe.

Witness spectacular scenery. Make significant contributions. Reach beyond your preconceived limitations. And do it all safely. In fact, safety is our first priority. K2 Adventure Travel guides have led expeditions in more than 20 countries on six continents. With a summit success rate of 94%, our ability to manage complex and challenging endeavors is proven. All of our guides are NOLS Wilderness First Responder certified, along with training in CPR and first aid. On the mountain, we employ professionally trained and screened guides, supply supplemental oxygen, and have evacuation procedures in place for any participant who needs it.

Focus on your adventure and let us sweat the details.

Organizing an international expedition is complex and difficult, even for experienced travelers. K2 Adventure Travel attends to all the details that make your trip unforgettable and lets you focus on the good stuff. We provide top-of-the-line transportation and accommodations, palate-pleasing meals tailored to meet your dietary and medical needs, and state-of-the-art expedition team gear.

Our trips also include local cultural experiences: Touring ancient ruins in Peru. Visiting monasteries in Nepal. Safaris in Africa. Climbing pyramids in Mexico. Each trip is meticulously planned based on the abilities of each guest and the team collectively.

Everyone deserves to dream.

K2 Adventure Travel is uniquely qualified to lead people with special challenges on international expeditions. We’ve assisted military veterans, amputees and visually impaired individuals in their quest to conquer mountains and build a new understanding of what is possible.