Maasai in tanzania


Adventure and splendor await in Tanzania, where the possibilities go far beyond the beauty of the brush.

Travel with us to a destination for adventurers who want to walk with the beasts, take a trip back in time, scale the tallest mountain in Africa, and explore tranquil landscapes untouched by tourists and crowds.

The Hike of a Lifetime

What adventurer can visit Tanzania without taking the hike of a lifetime? Well-known as the world’s tallest freestanding mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro defies all science and logic.

Located just 200 miles south of the equator, its snowy peak is a sight to behold. Rising over 19,000 ft., scaling this giant is no small feat and only half of those who attempt to reach its peak make it. The climb itself is steady rather than exhaustive, but challenging nonetheless.


Safari Like You Mean It

From the acclaimed Serengeti National Park to dozens of lesser-known safaris that are truly off the beaten path, Tanzania offers endless treasures and extraordinary sights to behold.

Home to 16 of the world’s most carefully protected national parks; Tanzania goes above and beyond to care for its world-renowned wildlife and game. Here, you can experience over 42,000 square km of breathtaking wilderness teeming with lions, zebras, elephants, hippos, giraffes, antelope, gazelles, and more.


Adventures With Heart

Tanzania is ideal for adventurers who want untamed wild away from the bustle of modern-day life. But with us, you can experience it in the most ethical way possible.

With K2 Adventure Travel, you will expand your horizons in the grasslands and mountains of Tanzania, and give back while you do it. We have amazing volunteering opportunities for everyone. Whether you’re traveling as a student, family, group, or medical professional — we have community service options to make your trip that much more meaningful.