Making a difference at the top.

The mighty Himalayas of Nepal need no real introduction. Home to 8 of the worlds’ 10 highest peaks, including the famed Mt. Everest. Here, you’ll find some of the world’s most stunning landscapes and challenging hikes through the largest mountain range in the world.

Unfortunately, sometimes amazing climbers perish while at work, leaving their wives and children without a source of income and loss of education. For the past 6 years, we’ve partnered with the High-Altitude Mountain Welfare Workers Association (HAMWWA) a Nepal non-profit, whose goal is to cover the costs of education for children who’ve lost a parent in a climbing accident.  We have donated to projects that have built and restored local schools in the villages and provided backpacks, books, reading supplies, internet and other necessities.

As a volunteer you will help in the local schools; distributing supplies, interacting with the children and getting to know the locals. If you’re interested in giving back to the communities that make Nepal possible for fellow travelers, this is the trip for you.

We have been traveling to Nepal for over a decade and we value our partnership with HAMWWA and our local contacts a great deal, we are a part of them as much as they are a part of us.